SysGeeks Takes a new direction

Sysgeeks has always been interested in monitoring servers to ensure high availability and website stability. A while ago, I was talking to a customer that wanted to monitor the status and performance of their servers and website.  So I proposed to set up a zag is system for them and keep it up to date. [...]

Quick, Simple, Fast and FREE Load balancer

Intro So you have finally outgrown your server and now you need another server and some load balancing.  Unformtunately hardware load balancers are not cheap and require quite a bit of knowledge and skill so it make buying and using one very expensive.  If you are not a fortune 500 company then you want something [...]

Convert a table from MyISAM to InnoDB

If you want to convert a MyISAM table to InnoDB, the process is fairly easy, but you can do something extra to speed things up. Before converting the table, adjust its order so that the primary key column is in order: ALTERTABLE tablename ORDER BY’primary_key_column’; This will pre-arrange the table so that it can be [...]

WordPress for your Main Website

I have been dabling for a bit with wordpress and I admit that I like it. I am using it for this site and I am now also going to use it for my sister site Since I am adopting it as my defacto website building tool, I have also decide to create a [...]

Cool free apps to do anything

Almost everyday brings a new challenge to do something that is not included in your OS and to find a free alternative to do same. I am going to keep track in this post of tools that I have found that are free to do whatever… If you have any suggestions, please drop me a [...]

Monitoring Your Website’s Status

Hi y’all, Too many times I have wanted an easy and quick solution to monitor a website’s UP/Down Status so this weekend I got my sister company ( to code an application with GWT to monitor the status of websites. This  app is sooooooo easy to use that even a caveman can do it.  Navigate [...]

Create a DNS Record from scratch

So the other day I found myself in the position to have to create a complete DNS record for a customer to which I did not have access to their current DNS host. How was I going to create that record?

Linux ulimit

Linux keeps a tight cap on certain things users can do so that everyone can share a server without one user actually hogging all the resources of the system.  It does this my setting default ulimits when the system is installed.  If you type from the command prompt the command “ulimit -a” the system will [...]

DB2 – Catalog a remote Database so you can use it as if it was a local one

First you must catalog the node / that is the remote server so that DB2 is aware of it. When cataloging a TCP/IP node to communicate with a DB2 database server, you must specify a node name after CATALOG TCPIP NODE command. This node name will be used in the CATALOG DATABASE command later and [...]

Exiting Stubborn Java Applications

Have you ever started a java app from an SSH session and when you are done you try to exit the SSH session and it’s not exiting.  Another symptom woudl be to call the java app from a script and the script never regains contol from the Java App.  The solution is simple… Your program [...]

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