Creating and Installing SSL in Exchange server step by step

Create your cert request with the Exchange Certificate Wizard

  1. Open the Exchange Management Console
  2. Click on server configuration
  3. Choose “New Exchange Certificate” from the actions menu on the right action pane
  4. It will prompt for a friendly name, enter a easy name
  5. Now on Domain Scope, you can check the box if you will be generating the CSR for wild card – else can be ignored
  6. In Exchange Configuration menu, select the services which you plan on running securely, and enter the names through which you connect to those services, as prompted.
  7. If you have opted for Wild card this is not required and we can proceed with adding SAN entries based on the requirement – Please fill the below legitimate legal details

–  Organization name, Organization Unit, Country/ Region, City/ Locality, State/Province

Note: Please ensure private key is enabled

  1. Choose the location for the certificate request file output
  2. Now go the location were the file saved and open it with notepad
  3. Copy the file and follow below steps in generating and installing certs

Installing with the Exchange Management Console

  1. Logon to you certificate provider site like godaddy, Digicert,  and generate the new cert by using the rekey option,
  2. It takes few minutes to load your cert
  3. Click Download and open the ZIP file containing your certificate. .
  4. Copy the your certificate zip file to your Exchange server.
  5. Start the Exchange Management Console
  6. Click on  “Server configuration”.
  7. Highlight the certificate that has been requested for and on Action pane please click complete pending request
  8. Now you get a pop up for importing the new certificate
  9. Extract the cert in zip and choose the location while importing the cert were its extracted to, Please ignore intermediate cert on the same folder here
  10. Please do not forget to choose the services (SMTP,IMAP,POP,IIS)
  11. Now click finish and perform one IISreset

That is it – We are done!!


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