Why Choose Online PC Support?

Online PC Support is a way for computer technicians in helping PC users to solve their problems remotely across the internet. Many problems can be solved using this method, including configuring computer settings, helping with software problems, setting up email accounts, connecting peripherals such as printers and much more. As long as the user has an internet connection, technicians can help with most Windows and Mac problems.

Communication with the technician is generally by phone or online text chat and once established, the technician will guide the user to download a small piece of software to their PC which will allow the technician to see the user’s screen and control the mouse and keyboard. The connection is safe and secure and the user is always in control and can disconnect the technician at any time. Once connected, the user can describe or show the technician the issue they are having and then can sit back while the technician performs the tasks.

So why choose online pc support?

The alternative is to take your PC to a local shop or have a technician visit your home or work. This can be inconvenient as you have to drag your PC to the shop or wait in for someone to turn up. Online PC support allows you to get immediate support and get your problems resolved with the minimum of hassle and at a lower cost.

A word on safety

There are many Asian scam artists who may contact you trying to convince you there is a problem with your PC when there is none. You may also get pop-up windows while browsing the internet advising your computer has a problem or is infected. To be clear about this, a genuine online PC support technician will never, ever phone, so if someone phones you saying there is a problem, put the phone down!

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